Locked-up Box


Close the curtains.

Close the door.

Lock the windows

and unplug the phone.

Breathe the last breath

of an empty space.

Smile a prayer

and then be gone.

Locked-up box

of life’s remains

will stay waiting

for a while.

The wind will blow

and rain will fall.

The ghosts of time

will stay here lonely.

Turn away

from what is known.

Exchange today

for a horizon.

From day’s break,

wake up in a new place,

and there will be

new air to taste.

Same Sun,

same Earth.

New people,

new emotions.

Wearing the same skin,

but there will always be

a new atmosphere

to penetrate.

Strange to think

of our locked-up box,



half a world away.

What strange thing

it is

to leave ourselves,

to find ourselves.

When the Sun

is at our backs,

we cross the world

in high flight.

Excited to return

to our locked-up box

and what’s inside.

Open the door

and all those

dusty, old ghosts


Open the curtains,

and all the windows.

Breathe life home again.



DJR – 2023

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