I don’t hate you anymore.

Not sure I ever did.

Oh, I know

that there were moments

that I wished I’d had

the strength

to shut you out,

put you down,

and make you listen.

But hate?


Never been a factor.

Hatred is nothing.

It is uncreation,

and I’ve had enough

of nothing

to last a lifetime.


I don’t want nothing.

No, I don’t’ want nothing.

I need something

to chase the nothing away.

I’ve tried pills,

I’ve tried booze,

I’ve tried everything.


but all it brought me

was nothing, and pain.

I don’t want nothing.

No, I don’t want nothing.

There must be something

that puts life

in my veins.

I’m long past wondering.

I know for sure, now

that love must be the way.

But it just isn’t easy, Lord.

No, it’s a trial

some days,

even just to smile.

But I can’t hate you.

Lord only knows how.

You’re gone

and I’m still around.

Trying to love

a world that loves




DJR – 2023

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