Change for Coffee


Sounds of a busy café morning.

Came this way just to escape.

A table in the corner.

Coffee, and something

light for breakfast.

Eyes down on your phone,

but they take in everything.

Watching the room,

to see if anyone

is watching you.

So painstakingly prepared,

the perfect picture

of beauty.

Disheveled, like you just

rolled out of bed

and came on down.

You clear eyes

and light make-up

speak your lie for you,

but only

to anyone

really looking.

This place has changed a lot

since you were young.

Now busy business rush,

instead of stylish artists.

All things change in time,

even you,

with your new-found Nihilism.

Filed down

to sharp points,

all of your opinions.

Judgement slams its gavel down

as you take in the crowd

and the queue at the counter.

This neighborhood has come

a long way.

The professionals

and not-quite-middle-aged millennials

moved in,

gentrifying the area.

You only glare for a second,

but the distain

is plain upon your face.

The young artists,

thin Bohemian gods and goddesses

of your past

have all moved on.

So have you,

in your own way.

You never used to feel

so much distain

for a world that did

the one thing it does best.

It changed.



DJR – 2023

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