Born on The Downside


Thought it would be different.

The closest we would ever be

to gliding in the silent twilight

on a sea of dreams.

Took the time to ask the questions

and read the answers in the leaves.

Listen to the wind’s soft whisper,

telling us how we would be.

Yet, here we are,

only just holding on.

Travail and constant struggle.

Our hair tinged with soot

and our skin burned.

Limbs broken,

and bodies scarred.

Eyes fretful now,

and full of sorrow.

This journey

has been more a trauma

than a dream.

But we’re still here,

still holding on

to our tiny piece

of this reality.

We have made it ours

through time,

and sweat, and tears.

And blood.

So much blood.

There is much

that we did not expect

when we left.

No one mentions

the turbulence up here.

No one speaks of all

it talks to fall

and get back up again.

Running for the edge.

Climbing in up high.

Ready, set, jump.

We’re learning to fly,

one impact at a time.

I know one day we’ll get it right.

Touch the stars,

or come close enough

to be burned.

I wonder if we’ll ever learn

to turn our eyes away from the sky?

Just lay down in the dirt and die.

How do birds know which way to fly?

I think we’re just like them,

but born on the downside.

Take my hand,

one more time.

This is it.

Ready, set, jump.

See you on the other side.



DJR – 2023

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