Heaven moves around you.

Light, and angels,

and a peaceful soul.

I am a creature of chaos.

I feel your presence

like a second Sun.

Make me see myself

in the light of your coming.

A proposition I should despise,

but I am drawn to you.

Revulsion gives way

to pity for my scars,

compassion for my shame,

and finally,

your hands upon me.

Shudder as I realize

there exist sensations

other than pain,

other than torment.

A rush of warmth

floods though me,

as the void in my heart fills.

Something warm

unfolds at my center,

like a glowing ember.

A feeling of peace

like I have never known.

Tears flow from my eyes,

and my once ashen face

breaks into a smile.

Never have I even considered

that this is what love

would feel like.

Not the flame of passion,

or the ache of lust,

but a buoyant fullness,

as if being embraced,

rescued and protected.

The warm aura

permeates by whole being,

within and without.

I change in this moment.

I no longer doubt you.

Your presence has transformed me.

I can no longer deny


or myself.

I know now,

that I cannot be unworthy.

I cannot be a wasted one.

If I can feel this love,

then I know

that must emerge

from this darkness.



DJR – 2023

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