ReBlog Wednesday – “Runaways”

We have all wanted to run away.

From who we are, a situation we’re in, a job, a relationship, a place. We have all at some point just wanted to stand up, walk outside, and run until our breath or legs fail us. Or drive. Drive until the fuel runs out, or until we have found a place so far distant from who and where we were, that we might find ourselves again.

“Runaways” is about that escape. That fitful moment when we choose to go. It is about the first step into some new thing, some new life. It is the breaking of an old chain that held us in place, or perhaps more accurately, an old idea of who and what we might be, that has held us transfixed for so long that we no longer wonder who we  might be on the other side of the choice to run away.

Runaways – Hokus Grey

I hope you enjoy the piece.

God Bless.

Much Love.

Be Safe.


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