The Backrooms


Show me the way out.

I’ve been wandering

these back rooms

for far too long,

searching for something familiar.

Hopeless as an empty shopping mall,

this place exudes a certain hunger.

One that never ends.

A devouring force of nature.

Pass upon another theater.

Always the same thing that’s showing.

Some inane melodrama,

sticky floors and stale popcorn.

People come and go.

Autonomous beings,

like data clouds.

Light upon an optic nerve,

just sensory information.

When I think to go inside,

I feel your hand upon me.

I look at you

and see the warning in your eyes.

A shake of your head

and a soft “No.”

The you lead me to

a door

hidden in a wall.

You open it

and there are stairs

leading down

and out.

The look of your face is urgent.

“Please hurry!”

I descend.

No longer in between.

Or have I just woken up

into another dream?

I don’t know much

about this place,

but I know the feeling

of what it’s like to be saved.

Out of that in-between space.

Back again.

Home and awake.



DJR – 2023

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