My heart appeals

to what you are inside.


bleeds through every pore,

tempting the blade

to vivisection.

It takes real guts

to let it all show.

To split the skin

and reveal your true nature.

You have always

remained hidden

for fear of predators,

but now,

I see you naked,

teeth bared,

and eyes focused.

That mask you held over your face

by songs and sinew,


and I can see

the many faceted countenance

of an angel.

The real Old Testament kind,

burning and terrible.

For a moment,

I am in awe of you,

until I realize

the sheer force of will

that it must have taken

to conceal yourself from the world

for so long.

My eyes begin to burn

with your intensity.

I can feel the heat of you

searing my skin

like a blast furnace.

I have coaxed you out,

and now,

you are going to destroy me.

Obliterate me.

Cell by cell.

Atom by atom.

I am unmade by you,

and quite frankly,

I am ecstatic.

Welcome back.



DJR – 2023

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