Shift through phases.


Little child.



and smiles.

Dark nights.

Many tears,

and so much fear.

Dreaming of running away.

No place to go.

Finding my only escape.


Shift through phases.


Young man.

Still a scared little child.

Looking in all

the wrong places

for all the wrong things,

and we all know what that brings.

Searching for a song to sing.

Losing hope.

Losing my mind­.

Trying to find

something new

in the outside.

Grab onto the lifeline.


Shift through phases.


Grown man.

Staring down the barrel

of getting old.

Carrying around

the same load.

The frightened child.

The young man on the road.

Trying to make sense

of where they’re going.

Things will always change.

Learned that much this way.

Still carrying a lot.

Have to put it down someday.

But, at least

there’s always change.


Shift through phases.



a little braver.


stay and savor.

No more running away.

Just wake up and face the day,

knowing that time

will shift us in its phase.

Everything has its place.

I am here,

and in my way

I am changing every day.


Shift through phases.



DJR – 2023

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