Feeling for the Edge


Reaching for the edge.

Feeling our way along

until we feel the piece

is worn, and torn,

and we begin to peel it back.

This is what it is.

Except where it isn’t.

Center on the certain

while the outside remains

a foggy halo.

Never drift away

from what we’re taught

to think and say.

Always forward,

never a reversal.

Knowing that

if we choose to open up

we’re pushed away

by our friends and neighbors.

Our doubts and fears

coming out clear.

Our voices never waiver.


is how we get

the answers that we need.

The real world exists

behind the scenes.

Feeling along,

like we are blind.

Trying to expose

a dividing line.

The frayed edge of this

place we exist.

Strip off the cover,

revealing what is.

Stealing the mask

from the king

ends the charade

and everything

with it.

Seek the answers

by whatever questions may come.

Answers are in

who we become.

There is no going backward.

Once exposed,

the only direction that we have

is forward.



DJR – 2023

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