Pushing through the garden gate.

Something getting in the way.

Look around and try to place

the reason I cannot escape.

The beauty here is so profound,

springing up out of the ground.

Never lost and never found.

Still can’t bear to stick around.

Amongst the green, and blue, and red

I have spent my life instead

of searching out beyond the spread

fecundity of life inbred.

All that I have ever known,

I have watched right here be grown.

From food and shelter

we have sown

seeds of life we call our own.

But something out beyond these walls

sings, and beckons, lilting calls

that I can no longer forestall.

Escape to understand it all.

Like the birds up in the sky

come and go with sung good-byes.

As they do, then so shall I

spread my wings and learn to fly.

Out beyond the garden gate

I’ll follow the song

and find my fate.



DJR – 2023

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