ReBlog Wednesday – “Black Feathers”


I have always been enamored with crows and ravens. Growing up in the mountains, I spent most of my time outdoors and always felt a close kinship with wildlife, including the local corvids. Perhaps it is the gleam of intelligence in their eyes, or their social structure, or their innate mysterious nature that is so alluring. I can’t be sure, but I know I’m not alone. The crow and the raven exist inextricably in our folklore. They are given mystical attributes and sometimes even deific status. Their behaviors capture our interest, garnering a wide array of Ornithological study. A 2022 paper concluded that crows, ravens, jays, and other corvids, may possess a level of consciousness that up until now have been attributed only to a select group of higher mammals.

This piece places the idea of the crow, or raven as a ethereal being. Something existing in a space like dreams, or myths. A creature that exists both in the physical world, but also in the spirit world, or the other, unseen planes. From here, it retrieves our innocence from the stark desolation of the rational mind. Its shadow falls over the most vulnerable and precious parts of our being, covering it from the piercing light of the material world.

Black Feathers – Hokus Grey

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