A Summer Rose


Too easy to throw away,

devalue and discard.

Sacrifice is more

than just an image.

Sanctity is more

than perspective.

Debt paid

and fiends appeased.

Slow down the elevator.

An illustrious descent.

Five stars on the app.

Such a virulent

plague of fashion.

The kind that puts down.

What would the masses give

for one click?

instantaneous satisfaction.

Pretty as a summer rose.

Silk petals

hide the thorns

that grow in abundance.

Conflicts become worrisome

when they spill out

from the garden.


was never meant

for the laissez-faire.

It was always

one of the closed dominions.

That is why

the spit-polish

of the bi-weekly rollers

must reflect

what they are willing

to sacrifice.

Blood red.

Smoke on the ground.

These days

everything’s heavier than air.

Strip the petals off

and make a bed.


the thorns

reclaim the hedgerow.



DJR – 2023

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