Go Again


Dust off your hands.

Take quick stock

 of your condition.

Any injuries

that need immediate attention?

Any broken bones,

or open wounds?

No. Just a few bruises

and an injured ego.

Looking up,

you know

no one’s around to see,

but that doesn’t make it hurt

any less.

Coming off

is just part

of learning how to ride.

After your consciousness returns

and you can hear your own

ragged breathing.

Staring up

at the gymnasium lights,

as you begin

to realize what happened.

Laughter from the spectators

and your corner right beside you.

Cheers as you find your feet,

but you know.

The reality begins to set in

as you walk off the mat.

You start to feel

the weight of failure,

the cost to be paid

for being the man in the arena.

Battles are fought

and won and lost

everywhere, everyday.

But those who rise above

are those who return to try again.

Get back on the horse

that you fell off.

Back on the mats

that put you down.

Back to the chance

of pain and humiliation,

but knowing this time

you are better trained,

better prepared

and ready

to go again.



DJR – 2023

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