A Piece of Ribbon


Amongst the blades,

cutting and decisive,

it’s hard

to weave a ribbon

of thought.

The likelihood

of encountering

some straight razor,

or set of shears

out, hunting for a reason

to cut something.

We give praise

to the blades,

whether they slay an ogre,

or open a car dealership.


they crave the attention.

A million sets of eyes

reflected along their length.

They vie for more

fame and adulation.

To be wielded by deft hands

and noted for their edge,

as they chop down

a forest of ideas

and call themselves

“Artists of the craft.”

How deftly

a ribbon of thought

must be woven

far away

from the shining tools

and tradesmen.


each piece put together

so that when it is unfurled

it may go far and wide.


when it is noticed

by those knives,

scissors, and worker’s blades,

when it is cut

into many pieces,

they are still enough

to be useful.

A length for a piece of clothing.

A snippet to tie a daughter’s hair.

A foot or two to for a hat band.

A length to make something beautiful.

Let those cutting edges

seek their accolades

and one day cut each other.

We will keep weaving

for the world.



DJR – 2022

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