Home Fire


Where did the fire go?

The one we used to use

to burn out the distemper in us?

The one we used to light

in perpetual memory

of where we were from

and where we were going.

The home fire,

that gave us light in darkness

and warmth in winter.

That cooked the meat

of great bests we hunted,

and around which

we told our stories of war.

The one that kept

the life in our lives,

because a cold hearth

is the end of a society.

Why did we let it die?

What cruel lie

were we told would replace it?

What snake oil will we use

to treat our sickness, now?

The very sickness brought about

by the death of our community.

The hearth, the home, the family,

traded in for virtual appointments

with fake people in simulated places.

The fire used to warm the skin

and the soul inside,

but this blue light from black screens

seems to suck the life out,

and nothing returns.

We didn’t lose the fire,

it was stolen from us

where we did not give it away.

Convinced by slick-tongued salesmen

that the cold light would guide us.

Look at us now.

How is this better?

In what way is this healthier

for the body mind, and soul?

For the people, or the planet?

Tell me,

where did the fire go?



DJR – 2022

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