Mental Health Monday – 01.02.23


Quick write to start the year.

One thing first;
these posts aren’t meant to be instructive. I can’t tell you what to do. These posts are me trying to reinforce things in my own head, for myself. I’m just trying to find ways to cope with the world and my place in it, and writing is a big part of how I do that.

I share these posts because if there’s even a small chance that they might help someone else, then it’s worth it. Even if I’m just a voice shouting in the darkness, then maybe someone hears me and knows they’re not alone.

We all struggle. We all have problems. And we’re all looking for some way to make our lives suck less. These posts are part of that path for me.

As for the meme, this is one spoke to my heart. Work means nothing if it’s all we do. Spending time living our lives with those who mean the most to us is what is important. We all have bills to pay and careers that need looking after, but getting caught up in the consumerism and materialism of our society can suck the joy out of our victories.

Take time this year to build relationships, family, and community. That’s what’s important.

Happy New Year!

Be well.
Be safe.

Much love in 2023!


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