The Cold Edge


Things break

out here

on the cold edge of reality.

The hard and fast

become the thin and questionable.

Laws become suggestions,

rules become guidelines,

steel becomes brittle,

and people

become eggshell fragile.

Even the toughest of us.

Even the strongest.

We all find a moment

where the world that we’re in

and what we know to be reality

just don’t resemble each other


And the neural pathways

that must be bridged

to make the connection between the two

are so vast,

as to be unconquerable.

That’s when the system

breaks down.

That’s when the first few

cracks appear.

As time goes on,

and the long months

stretch out on this icy frontier,

the cracks become fissures,

which turn to chasms,

and eventually,

in the most extreme cases,

vast, unbridgeable canyons.

As a person’s mind

begins to mimic

the reality

they have long abandoned.

To survive,

one must embrace the dark.

One must be willing

to venture into that

vast gulf of nothingness

that exists between

the world we know

and the world we find ourselves in.

Brave and foolhardy souls,

but even one will save many.

For some,

even just knowing

that someone is willing

to venture off

into the abyss of the unknown

is enough for them

to keep their head.

Fear and insanity

are catching,

but so is courage.

So is bravery.

It’s not easy to exist

out here,

on the far edges of nowhere.

The last outpost

before the gravity

that holds it all together

weakens to the point

that everything

starts to come apart.




All things begin to break down

out here

on the cold edge

of reality.



DJR – 2022

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