Go On


Go on,

and explain away

your fate.

Looking at the sky

it’s getting late.

But I’m okay

with putting more

wood on the fire

and pouring us

one more

while you elaborate.

Tell me of your hopes

and all your fears.

Tell me why the future

isn’t clear.

Tell me every moment

in your life

that got you here

and I will sit

and listen,

‘Til the sun reappears.

Go on.

Get up and try to leave.

I’m pretty sure that whisky

will bring you down

to your knees.

And we’ll both laugh

at how little we see

of the future,

or the past,

or how we can disagree.

It won’t matter much


We’ll come to the end

of all our possibilities.

But you won’t hear

a word of it from me.

Go on.

Laugh and cry

until it hurts.

Pain is only temporary.

Time just makes it worse.

All we have is us

and these moments

that we curse

in the morning,

after all the whiskey’s

done its dirty work.

But it’s gonna be

a small price to pay,

for seeing you

go on your way.

Go on.

I’ll do my best

to remember your face.

The way you looked

when we were laughing,

chasing all our cares away.



DJR – 2022

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