Dead Man’s Curve


Don’t know which questions to ask.

Can’t see

to cede the problem.

Everything turns back

on its axis,

revealing an unfamiliar perspective.

Gain the world

and lose my soul.

Such is the cost

of negotiation.

But I never imagined

that there would be

so many sides

to the coin.

House of cards,

full of hidden daggers.

Digging in

to crack the code.

Searching the haystack

for a needle,

but not noticing

the serpent.

It doesn’t get any easier

from here on out,

does it?

The home stretch

is always

dead man’s curve.

Thought that if I just

put a little more into it

I might catch the outside chance.

The jury is still out.

I am a prisoner

of their deliberations.

Trapped by my own perceptions,

ill gotten gains,

and self delusions.

Try to set aside pride.

It doesn’t have to be

about me.

The woven edges

of the fabric of reality

are never kept

by a single thread.

Deep digging in,

like there’s a purpose,

or a vision to uphold.

I’m way out

on the edge now,

hoping that gravity

is stronger

than my inertia.

Hoping my inertia

is enough

to get me home.



DJR – 2022

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