Mountain View


I ask you if you’re

paying attention.

You’ve got that

far off look

in your eye.

Your voice

is barely above a whisper

when you reply.

“I’m just thinking

about tomorrow.

Because, yesterday

is dead and gone.

I’m just trying

to find a way

to find the strength

to carry on.

There’s so much

hurt and pain

out there.

I just wish

I could do more

to help these people

fight the battles

that the future

has in store.”

I am quiet

for a while.

Your words

ring in my head.

I try concentrating

on the road,

but my mind

wanders instead.

And as we come upon

the mountains,

I know exactly

what you mean,

this whole world

is full of people

who suffer hard

behind the scenes.

And this world

has no conscience,

and mankind

is rife with greed,

so, there is more

suffering coming,

leaving so many more

in need.

I stop the truck

and take your hand.

We both stare out

at the view,

knowing just what is coming

and wondering

what we’re going to do.



DJR – 2022

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