Death and Ressurection


Breaking away

from persuasion.

More a matter

of Faith.

Knowing I am falling

in love with you

over and over


The only cycle


in the universe

that doesn’t leave me

burned out and spent.

You help me

stay light

a little longer

than I otherwise

would have been.


is just death

and resurrection.

Spiraling towards

a singularity,

or roaring out

in an amazing blaze

of energy.

You are both to me.

The sensation

with you

is breaking orbit.

A solar sail,

pushed along

an event horizon,

kissing the spiral arms

at the edge

of our galaxy.

As I draw away,

I feel the pull

of your gravity,

and I want

to tumble into you.

Break me down,

atom by atom

and remake me

into whatever you desire.

Time with you

will never be


I will always

crave your touch.

I will always

love your smile.

I will always

find beauty

in your eyes.



DJR – 2022

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