Catching the emergence.

Falling into the reverberations

of a rising tide.

Deep down in the Earth,

or from somewhere


up above.

Catching the waveform,

colluding with the coming cascade.

When the ground

rises like a wave

and the energy

of impact

is unrestrained.

Watch it all

get washed away.

Nevermore of everything.

Timelines twist

like weaver’s looms

bring twine together

into tapestries.

Broken and burned ends

get ripped out

and woven once again.

Touch the needle one time,

let the memory of that

sink in.

We were never meant

to live

in single intonations.

When we see the stars

we’re seeing light

millions of years old.

Dig the ground

for bones that show

things have been around

longer than we’ve been told.

Hearing the sounds

of change,

like a call that’s been on hold

for so long

we forgot we ever

picked up the phone.

Answers in the awakening,

but sleep always held open the door.

Travelling along

on the tide

is what we were made for.

All of this and more.



DJR – 2022­

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