On God


Weary of the day

that has only just begun.

A tough battle

we survived

and here comes another one.

The time spent

in the saddle

doesn’t seem to yield

the requisite wisdom.

There’s no quitting so,

there’s only one thing

left to be done.

Put it on God.


Only the Lord

will let me lay

this burden down.

He has shown me

the way through this

trouble I have found.

And when it becomes

too much to bear

that I cannot go on,

I know the truth,

the one thing I can do,

is put it on God.


The grief of loss

is too much for one to bear,

for their whole life

and truly get anywhere.

The words

that the doctors have to say

are enough

to make heavy every day.

Whether our time is short,

or the days drag on.

When we’re hurt,

and barely hanging on.

When our day feels

like it’s done

before the dawn,

we have one place

we can put it all.

On God.


He may bear all our weight,

just as He bore His cross.

This world is full of hate

and pain, and shame, and loss,

but He gave Himself

to pay the cost,

so that in darkness

we will not be lost.

To Him,

our pain is nothing

to take on.

So, put it on God.



DJR – 2022

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