Lost Ships


Watching you

make the impossible

look effortless,

as if all this

were an extension

of your mind.

An idea

once thought,

becomes and action.

And everything happens

in perfect time.

So strange

to have known you

when you were

a fuck-up,

just like me.


to find your feet

on the sidewalk.

Slipping in and out of



you seem to have found

a flow-state.

A place where you exist



You create

as easily as thinking

and never seem

to wrestle

with your doubts.

I see you

and I remember

who you were,

and now,

knowing who you are.

I never thought

that anybody like us

would ever

have come so far.

But here you are,


looking effortless.

Doing important things,

at least

that’s what they say.

We were once

kindred in our sorrows,

but you

took another way.

I’m not bitter,

and I’m not disappointed

in how things

turned out

on their own.

you’ve been chosen

to be the searchlight

that guides

all of us lost ships home.



DJR – 2022

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