Am I energy,

or not?

Am I here,

or is this just perception?

Is this all

some fever dream?

The kind I had

as a child.

Are you here,

or are you a figment

of my imagination,


and want?

The product of my

overpowering fear

of existing

in this place

all alone.

Strange how one

could be afraid

and doubt their own


at the same time,

all the while,

never doubting you.

If I am energy,

then you are solid.

Perhaps it is

the other way around.

That you exist

and I am just

the figment.

Brought into being

by fear and loneliness.

A conjuring of your sorrow.

Am I energy,

or not?

A flash of your synapses firing.

A hallucination

brought on

by stress and chemicals

flooding your brain

in compensation.

I guess,

it doesn’t matter, now.

I have you,

and you have me

to comfort.

Two impossible delusions,

nodes in a simulation,

holding on to one other.

Each afraid

that the other

isn’t real.



DJR – 2022

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