Missing Pieces


Missing pieces

of a puzzle

from a box.

Never noticed

until the picture

comes clear.

Never felt

in the unknown

and the chaos,

but when things

come together,

they’re not there.


Missing stars

in the sky

escape our eyes,

until we learn

the pantheon

of constellations.

Then we can see

that the sky’s


A piece missing

from God’s

great creation.


The same

goes for you

if nobody knew

that you disappeared

when the days

got dark.

When life

turns back light,

you’ll be missed

from our sight,

as if you

weren’t there

from the start.


All things

have a place,

like the patterns

we chase,

until the puzzle

is all but


Those who

aren’t there,

we’re painful aware

that our sky

is missing

a piece.



DJR – 2022

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