Loser’s Game


Jagged is the way.

The serrated edge

of the smooth sailing blade.

Gamble for your fortune.

No lost ways.

No new escapes.

Trouble in the fingers.

Just one touch

cuts deep.

Scars that need sutures.

Looking like a rag doll

pieced together from

scraps of their derision.

Welcome to the New Depression.

This time it isn’t failure based.

Victim of your own success.

Substitute love

for another execution trial,

only to be released

back into the population.

The same one that stifled

and rejected you.

Now it’s another hard,

“Fuck them!” morning.

Dopamine cascades

tingle the fingertips

and ramp up thoughts of revenge.

Suicide of success.

Commit to victory

over the bitch-assed self

of yesterday.

Changing their minds

is a fool’s errand.

Winning their hearts

is a sucker’s move.

Battle the inner demons

and crush the sardonic voices.

Let their ubiquitous

low-intellect narcissisms

be the marker

upon their gravestones.


you’re still in the darkness.

Forging and hammering away.

Defeating the Devil

at his only game.

You’ve been through Hell

and know his name.

But hold no intention

to stay.

Victory over self.

The only roll of the dice

that wins on all sides,

even snake eyes.



DJR – 2022

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