Slate Grey Getaway


Doesn’t seem to matter.

The dream, what comes after

is the same grey slate.

The same new day.

Thought by now the haze would get clear

and I could just walk out of here,

but the forest is thick

and I can’t see the whole.

Each tree impedes me

and I can’t seem to see the road.

I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve.

I’ll get out of this.

I’ll make you believe.

I used to be

a wanderer of worlds,

but now I’m just

a wonderer with words.

Doesn’t make much sense,

but how does anything you’ve heard?

It sounds crazy,

but that’s how it is at first.

These grey starts

are just a part

of some greater path,

some higher art.

How do I

not lose my mind

if what I’m trying

makes it happen every time.

Be quick to laugh

and slow at anger.

Keep doing that

and you’ll have your answer.

The future just keeps on

coming faster,

so, I’m trying to slow down.

Not sure what this is now.

Sit and wait

for the sun to take the haze.

I know I’ll happen

any day.

Patience is long,

but so is the pain.

I’m no longer trying

to make my getaway.

I’d rather stay.



DJR – 2022

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