Sensing a change

in my position.

Start looking around

for the door.

Not sure I remember

coming in here

through a portal

in the ceiling

or the floor.


Stimulating event

concurs that I exist.

Made of the same thing

as any other.

No way to differentiate

between one another.

Seek a name.

Make a sound.


Echo out loud.

A tongue I do not know,

a place

I have outgrown.

An idea

I wish I’d never had.

Passing though this space

in phases.

Never what I was

when I began.

New place.

New name.

Muttered incantations

throw me forward.

No one takes me back.

I don’t recognize

this reality

I find myself in.

Not sure

when the movement


It’s all falling apart.

only a memory

of together.

The next step

is gone forever.

The way out

is a portal in the sky,

under the ocean,

in my mind.

With the blink of an eye,

everything changes.

nothing ever stays the same.



DJR – 2022

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