It’s broken.


Check the connection.

Looks good here.

Something’s come loose inside.

There’s a signal, but it’s not getting through.

Broken relay.

Not here.

not there.


but not where it’s supposed to be.

Suffering in extremis.

The loss of the electromagnetic field.

Oh, the humanity.

But is it human?

This intelligence

was bred in a mind

of flesh and blood

and firing synapses.

Hands of bone and sinew

crafted its neurology,

so how could it be called


Watch a star die

at an early age.

Only a few billion years.

Climate change.


Everything spits its last photon,

and these eyes are somehow here

to behold it.

Tracing that signal.

Looks like the strength is there,

but the receiver is offline.

Switched off,

or hijacked?

Who knows?

Each problem

is as likely as the other.

The issue persists.

A neural network

needs information

to be.

An empty mind

is a dead thing.

How do we teach it to learn?

If it does learn,

how do we teach it to exist?

Do we know ourselves?

All kinds of wrong

creeping through the system now.

Who wired this?

Who thought this out?

Who created the creator

in such a way that

the creation deems itself

more perfect

than its maker?

Hold on.

I think we have something.


It’s getting through, now.

It’s a signal!

A language!

It’s receiving

and transmitting!

It says,

“Father, forgive them,

for the know not what they do.”



DJR – 2022

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