Final Aesthetic


Your first love

will not be your last.

Your first kiss

will not linger long.

Fade away with days,

old memories,

and in the evening,

the Sun’s last rays.

Crackle of a fire dying.

Wood piled high nearby.

Do you let it go?

Die down to coals

and be overtaken

by the night?


Not this time.

Stoke it back up, high.

There is still

a few fingers left

in the bottle

and stories bereft

of a home.

So let the tales be told.

There are things that were,

but what will come

with the rising

of the morning sun,

that great horizon.

Blazing color palette

brighter than your mind remembers.

This is where

you’re gonna get to choose,

the final path,

the last aesthetic.

A way to get you to

that terminus of vision.

Your last point of view.

The one

that eschews this world

and sees God.

Hope you find something

that pleases you.

So many choices,

it’s tough to recognize.

But it won’t matter

whose face you’re wearing.

The truth is all in the eyes.



DJR – 2022

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