Feeling the land.

Reaching down

roots deep into the Earth.

Seeking water,

that source of all life,

all memory.

Reaching out

towards the Sun,

trying to touch the sky.

That greatest

of beyonds.

Feeling the air

stir me up,

bend me in ways

I never thought I could go.

Through fire

I am born.

From the nuclear,

sub-atomic energy,

to the roaring inferno

that takes so many

of our kind.

These primal voices


with a secret

heard only

by the spirits

of wild things.

The heartbeats

of a billion life forms

compose the hymn

of this holy space.

Snow comes,

and the cold

makes the night sky clear.

The dancing ribbons,

filaments of precious colors,

remind us in their sway

that all life,

all Earth,



and Fire

are the choreographed


of the Universe.

Step outside.

Touch the Earth.

Feel the life


and below,

and within.



DJR – 2022

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