Choose Your Own Adventure


I was sure

we watched the world


on a hill

in late summer, 1995.

We took the sky

for granted back then,

thought it would always

be easy

to see our place in the Universe.

Did we lose track,

or were the lines laid

before us

like networks of tripwires?

Did we fail

some critical test,

or did every page

turn us to disaster?

We were told

that we would rule the world

by the same folks

that now tell us to obey.

We never viewed our teachers,

or governments

as adversaries,

until somewhere along the way

we stopped questioning.

Just wanting to be “safe.”

I’m not even sure

what that means,

because we never used to feel

so threatened.

We were free

as beings under the stars

could be.

Like that night,

we thought

we watched the whole world change.

I think we knew

that it wasn’t for the better,

but we ignored it.

We didn’t know anything.

Is it our fault

that we fell for the gimmick?

Choose your own adventure,

if you will?

We thought we were


turns out we

were just falling for the shill.

I guess it is our fault.

I guess we lost the plot.

From destiny

to despots.



DJR – 2022

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