Break Through


Break through.

Look at you.

I can see

something’s different.

Your eyes

open wide,

like a prairie sky.

No clouds behind them.

Your vision clear

as a spring morning.

Today you look alive.


Break through.

You speak

and all the words make sense,

like you’ve been thinking

on things for a while.


like the breeze in the valley.

The river rolling

through your veins.

You haven’t spoken like this

in years.


Break through.

I watch you move

and it’s like you’ve traded bodies

with a much younger you.

You used to groan

with every effort.

You could barely use your hands.

Now, you have some rhythm

in your step and in your stride.

A smooth, peaceful energy

that I haven’t seen in a long time.


Break through.

If I hadn’t seen you,

I’m not sure I’d have believed

the story of who you are now.

Your transformation near complete.

Did you go home?

Did you see Heaven?

I wonder what changed your mind.

Last time I saw you,

you were living just to die.

Now you’re so alive.


There are few things

in this life

that bring us hope,

and you

are one of those things, now.

A man,

a myth,

a cautionary tale

that turned out good,




DJR – 2022

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