A Calm Connection



Slowing down the mind

to reverberate

with the undercurrent

of the world.

Dig down.

Touch earth,

touch stone.

Through skin,

touch flesh,

touch bone.

Feel it moving in you,

the thing

that keeps you current.

Inner eye


this time

that you are

a biological machine.

Tied into everything.

Part of it

and it’s part of you.

Harnessing this


to change your point of view.

Somewhere in the hum,

there is a pattern,

speaking like a language,

programming us,

teaching us

what we’re supposed to be.

Breathing in

and out.

Calm in the midst

of these revelations.

Moving further, now.

Drifting away

on a song.

Nothing left

to believe

with true realization.


the meaning of me,

the meaning of you.

Stretching synapses,

plugging them in

to the common conduit.


how all of this is here,

but no one ever notices.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Come back

to this side

of the wavelength.

Everything here

looks different, now.

Doesn’t it?



DJR – 2022

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