Mental Health Monday – 11.28.22


The secret that’s not a secret.

I mean, it’s got to be pretty obvious by now that even those at the highest levels of our power structures are completely clueless as to where to go next, sometimes.

Most of us in Regular People World face problems day to day that we don’t have any immediate fixes for. If we’re lucky, we have some experience we can relate back to that might give us a jumping off point, or a trusted parent, or close friend to advise us, but most of the time we’re clueless.

We face the dragons of every day with the weapons and tactics we ended the last day with. Win one battle, and we can win many battles. Much of the time “winning” the first battle, or getting through a tough situation is not so much “winning” as “surviving”. We survive our problems long enough to figure out what works, often by learning many iterations of what does not work. We learn from our mistakes… eventually.

This is how we can learn to plan. We know that A and B could lead to C, but we plan for D, E, and F as well, because we’ve experienced the unexpected outcomes of unknown situations before. Sure, we might not know how to solve the problem we are in now, or approach the situation we’re entering for the first time, but we know that we can have a plan, and if the worst should happen, we do our best to survive and learn from our mistakes after.

We don’t have to live in fear and anxiety. We have tools. We have knowledge. We’re durable and adaptable. If only it seemed like the powers that be were willing execute the same judgement. Right?

Have a great week.

Be safe.

Much Love.


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