Speak the words.

Don’t let them die

in your throat.

Don’t hoard away

the treasures that you carry,

like a dragon

beneath a mountain.

For even dragons fall asleep

for thousands of years

and are forgotten.

Their terror and their treasure

both succumb

to the passage of time

and the feeble memory

of generations.


Speak the words.

The one’s you’ve made

to chase away the darkness.

Open your mouth

and let them flow from you,

like a fountain of fire.


Speak the words.

The ones that have

kept you warm

on cold, winter nights.

Speak the sparks

the have kindled

the fires in your heart.

The beacons

that have helped you

carry on.


Share your fire.

Show your flame.

Let it devour all those

who would stand against you.

Do not hoard

the treasures within you

to be forgotten

under the mountain of time.


Speak the words.

The ones that set your eyes alight

and give you purpose.

There are so many

out there,


and lost in the darkness

that know no fire

of their own.




DJR – 2022

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