What is it?

What are we looking for?

What mountain remains before us?

What treasure have we not uncovered?

What land remains to be conquered?


rises from the gut.

Acid burns out

the digestive tract

of a healthy nation.

A nation too fat,

too happy,

too rich,

and too oblivious

to continue

on their own.


the most dangerous

thing about asking questions

are those who will come with answers.

The sculptor takes his chisel

and chases a flaw in the stone

until all he is left with

is gravel.

A cook tastes the dish,

finds it to be lacking something,

so, with a pinch here,

and a pinch there,

renders it inedible.

A mother bird,

dotes upon her chick,

attending every need.

As it grows,

it becomes dependent

and never learns to fly.

We ought to have learned

by now

the dangers inherent

in the righteousness of empires.

Every generation

seems to ignore the past.

Is there hope

to break the cycle

of subjugation

and exploitation?

Can technologies

free us

from ourselves?

Or are we hard wired

to go down this same path


Learning painful lessons

that we in our turn

will forget,

and proudly

call it “Progress.”



DJR – 2022

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