What could split

this world in two,

comes as easily

as snow falls

on a November morning.


and mostly expected.

The weatherman

announced it

days before.

No one is surprised,

but there are still

so many

caught unprepared.

Those sweet,

summer children.


like the grasshopper,

fail to acknowledge

the future.

Every day

we watch the wedge

get driven further,

but we are already conditioned

to cheer against

the other team.

When terrible things happen

it is only to “Them”

and they deserve it,

because those in power

tell us they do.

The fissure widens,

and the snow falls.

Not time to think about

fixing it now.

Too easy

to stay home.

Too easy

to comply.

The winter is cold

and there are wolves

out in the fields.

The snow comes down

so quickly.



DJR – 2022

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