Alberta Cold


It’s a lot to do,

but it’s a lot more

to ignore.

Every single day

reveals another angle through.

There’s no rain coming

that’s gonna wash

the dirt off my hands.

It’s six more months of snow

and mud when the Sun shines again.

I hope you know

that I love you more

than I did then.

We hit the Earth pretty hard,

like gravity

is our attraction to our sin.

Wake up early

and try to get ahead

of all of this.

Day in,

day out.

I’m just happy to exist.

Can’t think of anyone

I’d rather have to do

all of this with.

Even if sometimes

I just can’t get over it.

Put my hands out.

I know you’re with me.

I’m full of doubts.

You think they’re silly.

I can’t get this done

without you with me.

You make it fun,

us just existing.

And when I get tired

I know you’re gonna

let me down slow.

You’ll start a fire

to give us light

and fight off this Alberta cold.

When I wake up

you’ll be right there

next to me.

As I get ready

to leave for work

I watch you sleeping.

Back out into

that dark Alberta cold.

I know you’re gonna be here

when I get home.



DJR – 2022

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