Mental Health Monday – 11.21.22


It’s back. Monday.

Do we see potential?
Or do we see disappointment?
Do we see the work to do?
Or what we haven’t accomplished?
Are you rested?
Feeling fit?
Well nourished?
Or are you chugging coffee, begging the caffeine to banish the lingering fog of a 3 day hangover?

You know, you have a choice. Choose wisely, or choose foolishly, but there is nothing stopping you from choosing again and changing your mind. Your mind is a powerful thing and whether you come into the week seeing opportunities, or problems, you are right.

You set the parameters by which you will perceive your own existence. You are the one in charge. Here is the wrench in that idea, though: most of us have no idea how to be in charge. We don’t know how to lead. We don’t have the experience, or discipline necessary to get us going on the right path. So, we have to admit that.

We need to be okay with our deficiency and then we can correct it. We can learn. One day at a time. We can try some tactic, or direction to see if it works for us,  but if it doesn’t, we can try something else. If we make a mistake, we can  learn from that and move on, we’re not bonded to that one thing. Through trial and error (mostly error, in my case) we can begin to fumble-fuck our way through existence until we establish something resembling a good and healthy routine.

We just have to want it enough to try.

Have a great week.

Be safe.

Much Love.


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