Father/Son Talk


They’ll use your words

against you.

Everything you’ve ever said.

They’ll turn your world

against you.

Never to be heard again.

If you don’t hold

their message

on a sign above your head,

they’ll cut you down,


That’s the way

that their hatred is spread.

They’ll judge you harshly,


For things you’ve never done.

Because they have enemies

and you look just like one.

They worship their fear,

that much is clear.

And a terrified creature

is a dangerous one.

Be wise in their ways,

but don’t fall for the lie.

Hatred is no way to live

and a terribly way to die.

You’re gonna hear

a little bit of truth

threaded through every line.

The funny thing is

it happens just like this

every single time.

They’re gonna try

to march you off to war.

If you’re far away

you cannot bar the door.

There’s no hiding

what’s going on


It’s best if I show you

what this world has is store.

It’s never gonna be easy,

and it’ll never be fair.

Good things come

to those who work

and the world gets better

only when we care.

You’ll see them glare,

but keep your head

when everyone else

is losing theirs,

and you’ll do well,


You have as good a chance

as anyone.



DJR – 2022

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