Caught you like a firefly.

Kept you in my hands

and marveled at your light.

Thought you could guide me

through the darkness,

but my hands

restrained you.

Loved to look at you

and know that you

were mine,

but if either of us

what going to find

our way through

this ever-present night,

I was going

to have to let you go.

Open my hands

and you stayed put,

only for a moment

before you flew off.

Burning a streak,

tracer light

into the night,

so quickly

I could not follow.

I stumbled on along my way

for a while,

full of fear and regret.

But then

I saw your light

coming back to me.

I stood there in awe of you.

So beautiful

against the night.

I kept walking

and you

floated out ahead of me,

as if you knew the way.

One small light

was all I needed,

but what I needed more

was to let it go.

Light is for the darkness

and wings are for the sky.

Hands don’t need

to hold on

all the time.



DJR – 2022

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