ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22

War Drums


This is a piece about war. How war is always with us. Violence is a close kin to us. Every one of us seeths with it, just under the skin, but afraid to let it out. Warriors are those who learn how and when to apply violence. War is their tattoo, their identity, and their mantra. These days, conflict is everywhere. From the home to the office, out on the street, and between nations. Divided, we view each other more and more as adversaries, vying for resources and identity. How quickly we return to the beat of the war drums. Can you hear them?

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Be safe.

DJR – 11.16.22

One thought on “ReBlog Wednesday – 11.16.22

  1. The problem my friend. War had been part of us for so long. The word “Peace” is forgotten. Our soldiers return home, messed-up. And the leaders wonder why the USA had so much violence. You can’t teach peace and war in the same sentence.

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