Mental Health Monday – 11.14.22



What can it do for us?

Indulge me in a little thought experiment.

Think back to the time you remember feeling the most excited you have ever been in your entire  life.

Being a kid on Christmas Eve. The night before your wedding. Anticipating the birth of a child. The night before starting a new job you have been pursuing, or waking up on the morning of a big hunt.

Do you remember not being able to sleep? The vibe keeping you from falling asleep, just waiting for the time to pass. Do you remember waking up, energized and full of purpose? Excited for what lay ahead, maybe even a little nervous, even though there was little to be nervous about.

How many days of your life have been like that? How many nights have you climbed into bed, excited for what the next day would bring? Not as many as we’d like, I’d wager.

I have noticed this much, our dog wakes up every day and is happy as can be just to be alive. It’s like he wakes up and every day is a brand new adventure.  I admit to being a bit envious.

But what if we could get that feeling back? What if we could find purpose in our lives that so engaged us that we went to bed every night, totally spent from the days endeavors, and woke the next morning, rested and full of excitement for what the day held in store?

Every day that we draw breath is a new start. We open our eyes and it’s the opening credits of the next episode of our lives. Once we realize that we’re the ones writing, directing, amd starring in the story of our lives, we can design a life with some purpose.

Whether it’s a hunger for success, facing new challenges, raising a family, creating art, traveling, exploring, learning, there is so much this life has to offer us. Sure, we might not wake up every day like our dog, just happy as hell to be alive, but I feel we would do better if we did it more often.

Try to find some purpose. Even if that purpose is just waking up in the morning. For some people that’s going to be enough to start, and that’s fine. We don’t have to live in some dismal routine that grinds us into the dirt every day until we die. We can be excited. We can have joy. We can have wonder. We can have purpose to bring something back to our lives, so we find a new day waiting for us when we open our eyes each morning.

Imagine being excited about life again.

Have a great week.

Be safe.

Much Love!


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