Warning to a Wildman


Get out of here.


a wild thing,

not bred

for the civil lands.


in pleasant company.

You seek the wind

for your sole guidance.

Decrying the wisdom

of men,

ridiculing their refinements,

and eschewing their institutions.


of muddy birth

and sundry education,

but eyes that gleam

like ice,

or fire,

depending on your mood.

Go. Run back to your kind,

before they put a bounty on you.

Already the see you

as an adversary

more than their equal.

And soon,

they will call you

a threat.

There is no place here

for forest wisdom,

or catechisms of the plains.

The lessons here

are curated

to make the spirit compliant.

You, who have only acquiesced to nature

give short shrift

to the technocrats.


Before the well-heeled

seek to exterminate you.


before they can set their traps.

A cunning mind

and resourcefulness

have kept you alive

this long,

but for how much longer?

You stand there

like you don’t intend to go.

A wry half-smile

and a hunter’s look

in your eyes.



DJR – 2022

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