Absinthe Dark


Figure in the absinthe dark.

Green light exuding

form some unknown source.

You, in your underwear,

hair tied back,

skin shining with sweat.

A quick glace over your shoulder,

as you step into the bathroom.

I realize

that I am still dreaming.

Or am I?

I feel like I am in

my own skin.

Swing my legs out of bed.

Sit up,

give my head a shake

and rub my eyes.

I was just dreaming,

wasn’t I?

I am awake now,


I notice the green light

has faded.

A faint yellow,

spills from under

the bathroom door.

I try to remember

what I was just dreaming.

The memories

dissipating like smoke

as I reach out for them.

Rapidly fading images

from another world.

Ghosts haunting

my awakening mind.

I was there,

and you were there,

only it wasn’t you.

No. It was someone else.

Maybe it wasn’t even me?

Shake my head again.

Consciousness returning.

I see the dog,

curled up on the floor.


asleep soundly beside me.

The streetlights,

barely pushing through

around the edges of our blinds.


My eyes go wide.

I can feel

that sickly green light return.

Who the hell is in the bathroom?



DJR – 2022

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