Pinned Down


There are no old times

only a slow ride

down to the end

of the road.

Way past my home time

I’m getting told I’m

too young in mind

and my body’s too old.

They say “Stop dreaming”

like I haven’t been hearing

those words in my ears

my whole life.

All that I’m seeing

awake or I’m sleeping

is a vision

of what this could be like.

Try to make me fit

into your world

We’re both gonna end up

getting hurt.

I have tried my best to

fit in with the rest of you,

but I’m not the kind

to just lay destitute.

There is a new road,

I know it’s narrow,

but I’m gonna go,

I’m not sure I have a choice.

It might be solo,

but I’m feeling so broke,

I need to know

if I still have a voice.

All these things in life

just come and go.

It’s long past time

I hit the road.

I can’t say I see

where this thing ends.

All I know

is here or there,

we end up dead.

What’s the point

in living life

pinned down?

We have a whole world

to get around.



DJR – 2022

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