Mental Health Monday – 11.07.22


The Quick Fix

We all want it.

That magic elixir that will undo the years of trauma, abuse, and neglect. The Happy Pill. The Miracle Weight Loss Drug. The Cure For Everything. Hair Club For Men.

Some things we can fix, and some things we just have to deal with. The fact is, we are all going to have to deal with something that we cannot fix at some point. Life is a terminal condition, after all.

But it’s not as if life is hopeless. Often times our present condition did not arise from one, singular event, but rather from a long series of choices. While a single traumatic event can send our lives into a spiral of despair, it is only over time that we find our choices from that moment have been the cause of our current trouble.

“Dig up, stupid,”

We don’t end up in a hole all at once. We dig ourselves in one shovelful at a time. By that same means we get out. One good decision, one positive move, one beneficial shift at a time. That is what gets us back on track.

Why don’t we do it then? Well, it’s not easy. We’re afraid of trying and failing. We ‘re afraid of leaving our misery and encountering something more uncomfortable on our way to our goal. Also, we fear the unknown. We don’t know what it will take to get there and the idea of singularly endless toil is not exactly dopamine inducing.

But do it we must. Day after day. One good thing. That’s it. One, and one, and one, until we have accomplished a new thing. It just takes work.

We can do it!

Have a great week, everyone!

Be safe.

Much Love!


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